Do it yaself!

NTV has hired a make-up artist to teach it’s anchors on how to do their own make up – cause they’re too broke to hire a make up artist! Poor Peninah Karibe, on top of learning to speak English like the rest of us she has to learn how to apply make up, and we all know she’s the walk or chew kind…don’t be surpised if she draws on her eyebrows like this


One person who’s happy is a certain sports anchor! Known for his lady ways,  now he has an excuse to wear makeup from HOME!

In other news it’s rumoured that NTV is days away from asking a certain female anchor to start paying for the floodlights they use on her to make her ‘sexy’ to the blind like my pal who shall remain nameless!


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  1. Posted by xtrix on March 9, 2010 at 11:31 am

    why du hate so much on P.Karibe?anything personal?

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