What the hell?

Citizen premeired a show Arthur K says on his site is modeled on the very successful MTV show punkED!

Question to Arthur WTF?? I’m a big fan on PunkED! And let me tell you my friend, for you to hype it as the Kenyan punked was just wrong! Your first show was PATHETIC. Mli okota huyo dame wapi? Shenzi type

Patikana? How about hatushiki mnafanya nini


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  1. Posted by Mike on March 8, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    We also hear that the relaunch that was to take plc at citizen was cancelled because farida’s team did not agree with waruru’s team, its also clear that she is managing two tv stations, the othe station is owned by ruto, and also has a big say at amaco insurance.. Also breaking news is that louise otieno is going back to ctzn tv.

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