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Koinange 24 otherwise known as K24 is still going strong hehe now on Friday’s the have ‘Eye reporter’ a soo soo obvious rip off of CNN’s I-reporter! They terro yo to sed in your story to k twedi four and they wirro come and coverit! I swear that’s the way Caleb Karuga – the show’s host says it! Aki si kumwonea and speaking of Caleb he has to be the worst thing on Kenyan TV…he has no obvious regard to the letters ‘R’ and L’ please spare yourself the agony and avoid this show cause the reports all seem to be from Central Kenya and we all know English got there minus a few ‘clothes’


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  1. Posted by Priscilla on September 22, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    i think de person who did this article is just but a hater!!!!we love k24 and Caleb does his thing well..This Yeye,,,if he wants to show that caleb cant do it,,then he is free to bring out what he has rather than criticise caleb….pliiiiiiiiiz!!!!!,,,,Keep up Caleb i love it!!

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