We won’t work for jack!



My sources tell me that the people at Homeboyz Radio are tired of representing the street for peanuts! There was a go slow this week, why? Cause the presenters claim that G-Money and Corrine are taking a large share of zee dollars! Leaving them to fight over the pocket change! First I must say G-money needs all that money – to buy boxes to fit his huge ego in!


As for Corrine [who I saw looking fwine sitting at Capital FM’s  Solos’ desk a few weeks back] needs to explain why she gets an expat salo! Sista aren’t you Kenyan???


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  1. Posted by TRUTH on August 31, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Wow. to think that you had SO much time on your hands to fabricate an inaccurate and might i add, boring, account of other people’s lives.
    1. The only big thing G Money has is a “big..cough cough cough, Ego”
    2. Corine, one ‘r’, is Kenyan. and doesn’t argue otherwise. She also does independent voiceover work.
    3.Homeboyz Radio rocks anyway. And you, Son, need a job.

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