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Sunday was reggae night, let me say this now Mitch you really need to lay off the rasta man thing! You can’t pull it off ata…as for Sheila darling what the fuck was that fuckery on your head – looks like your weaves are evolving.

Ian was fabolous as always although he needs to watch his back,  a guy from Rwanda told Ian ‘I love you’ but he’s from Rwanda so let it slide he maybe meant ‘I like you’

The perfomances were kinda good but I have to say the Ugandan ladies can SING!! Wha! As for Kenya our hope is Pat aka shrek! Cause Nganga isn’t sure if he’s on top comic or something, Debarrr rolls the ‘r’ soo much he sounds awful!

Tanzania aih sijui niseme nini – Carol hajui kuimba lakini Illuminata aih! Leggy but can’t sing.

Rwanda ish ish

Those on probation this week, Cristian, carol, Illuminata and Nina Bola!




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  1. hahahahahaha nasty nasty

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