Taking it a little too easy


Word is that the sales force at Easy is FED UP! With the stations’ drive time presenters. They claim the two are ruining it for them by not preparing for pitches [those products they sell on air]. The two presenters are known for rolling it at 3:59 to do their show…reason? They know it all – errrr NOT! If they knew it all,  Ngatia would still be on job number 2 at Capital but CK flushed him down the loo and he has been everywhere – I’m surprised he hasn’t worked for Kameme 🙂

In other matters – the two radio CJ’s have been asked to by the big man at Easy [Get off the table I didn’t mean big in that sense nkt!] to stop discussing the ball of lust that we all know as ‘getting some’

Still on Easy and it’s sad that I report this – below in what Munene updated on the Easy fm’s Facebook page. Now for a guy who taught English at primary level, this is saddening.

On listener this morning was strungled by her step mom for cracing he glass of a lamp..she forgave and now is helping he step bros thro school..Another split with his wife after he refused to turn HIVpositive like her so that they can deal with it together..he never forgave her..and another went and aborted in anger coz her fiancee threw her out coz she went crazy on drugs and uchawi..What cant you forgive?? MUNENE

Did your brain cells quit you? Cause this is hard to understand

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