Douche alert!!!

Some guy by the name of Robert Alai who operates a google group by the name Bidii Africa makes the douche list today. Why? He’s known to pick up email addresses from the web and add them to the group! Then he will spam your inbox with useless facts ALL FUCKING DAY LONG. He’s a master spammer [Insert dirty joke of choice here] And leaving the group is a task wha!!! Worse he’s been saying of late that he’s Kenya’s ‘Youth saver’ I got news for ya! Not with such a face!


And certainly not with poses like this!

Alai 2

Alai also has an obsession with picking fights with hardworking people, he has picked a fight with Jimmy Jams before, and my sources tell me he’s currently losing a twitter war with a rising business news anchor.

Alai you should never pick fights with people who sing like this

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