Where are they now??

Linda Holt!

First off – getting pics of Linda is HARD WORK !!!
But it doesn’t surprise me, she rarely interacts with the locals…
Anyway she was the lady that opened the flood gates to privately owned radio stations by starting Capital in 1996. I was……better off if I don’t reveal my age, anyway she built many a careers in the radio industry today-Maina Kageni, Caroline M, Phil Mathews, Eve, John Wilkins, Jimmy jams, Pinky the list is endless.
She was known for being a shrewd business woman and was famous for going to the field with her sales people, and once in a while throwing bashes at her house.
An industry insider who worked with Linda tells me she knew everyone at Capital by name and what their roles were!
Now that’s a hot boss,…. NOT!  cause on the flip side she was known to drop a few curse words when you messed up and she’s British and there’s nothing that sings to me better than a brit saying FUCK!
She sold Capital to CK so that he could mess it,(which he has managed to do ,quite royally if I might add) she tried a few things after Capital, but what has really worked has been Redsky the ad agency, it’s main client was that cow with big money tits called Safaricom. She then sold her stake in Redsky to Scanad and is now working alongside her son!
I salute ya…Linda!…but maybe you should talk to C.K and tell him to JUST QUIT MEDIA!!!

Was groomed by Linda

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