Who are you???

Come closer...

Come closer...

That question has been emailed to me sooo many times…so it’s time to answer that question.

Cause of the madness happening in my inbox ,plus the speculation happening in the corridors of every media house as to whether it’s one of them, I take it you want to know who I am ,..Well that’s something I’ll never tell, I’ll let you in on a few things though.

I’m a guy ,who has partied with all these people I write about ,I know their real sides (off the mic and camera) and thought it cool to give you – the person who only knows them as personalities (and in some instances worship them) – the real scoop. I work with a team of 10, we have our sources all over town, and with 3,000 hits per day (and growing)…I take it you like our work.

Who I am is not important , what’s important is that the “scene” is about to get real , we know the real celebs in town , we know the fakers , we know the guys who would sell their mom to get a picture out in the press ,we know the guys who suck at their job but have a good foot in with management and won’t get fired ,…basically ,…we know it all,…and we’ll give it to you every morning,…so spread the word,….media in Kenya ..Just got a dose of madness!!”

he he …


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  1. Posted by Fuse addict. on September 8, 2009 at 10:26 am

    I like I like I like!

  2. bring it on brother or is it sister…WTF….its great stuff i have just been laughing alll morning!!!!!

  3. Posted by Girlgone mad on September 11, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I know who you are but i like being one of the few who know so i’m not telling :). Its like knowing who gossip girl is. Would you wanna tell everyone else that you know? No.

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