Remember her??


Muthoni Bwika!

She started at Capital, then moved to Nation where she really became a star there. I remember peeps in high school risking suspension by listening to Muthoni Bwika’s countdown on Nation. Kiss threw a sack of money at her and she took it! Wrong move, cause she was never as big, she was given a ka – graveyard slot then was partnered with Kajairo – it was downhill from there. Kiss fired her.

She then got a job at Capital, filling in for Italia for a while, then Eve.  then got to do Golden Sunday, don’t know what cut but she left.

After a few months of doing nothing she returned to the scene with a job at Y Fm,  she was losing that battle cause she was MEGA BORING! Especially after she was made PC,  she started being rude and mean to the presenters and since most of them had had enough, they started quitting, so RMS asked Jimmy jams to come re-tune the station. After the launch of Hot 96 Muthoni was in the cold again.

Then SHOCK horror! She got a job at a BPO making like 20 times less what she was making in the media but she quit cause we all know she doesn’t mix with commoners.

HBR came calling but she declined to be paid in CD’s. Muthoni, darling you BLEW IT! You’d be as big a Eve now


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  1. Posted by Fuse addict. on September 9, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Poor thing.

  2. Posted by Charles on September 10, 2009 at 10:28 am

    I still miss this mama…she goes wayyyyy back!!

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