Let’s start with zee blondes Angela Angwenyi! Wowhat! When she was alone on Kiss Drive after Aj left she was all over the place and giggling after every sentence…but she seems to have grown up thanks to CM. I don’t know if you even remember Valentine Njoroge’s attempt at a breakfast slot on Easy fm with Bernard…that went well muhahaha please!!!



Valentine wasted no time in showing what she’d been hiding all this time…her slow side hehe. We have Seanice, when she came to Capital in 05 she had 3 ‘supporting characters’ Jasmine, Kinge and Maria that show was left, right but definitely not center! No wonder she’s mad Fareed left, he was everything a co-host would want, witty and MAD FUN!! Then Chris, Marcus nicknamed his blonde moments ‘Tanzanian’….


How can we forget Tina over at HOT 96…she left Hope FM where she had a really strong following…in her first weeks on HOT 96 she used to start with a prayer session then she goes ahead and plays Snoop and akina Dr. Dre and to crown it all, one time she talked about ‘Lionel Richie and the ‘Commandos’

And Linda (Who??) she was on radio for a minute, on Capitals’ saturday breakfast she described a rockers hairstyle as  ‘A mohawk with an afro on the sides’

The stunt men and lady!

Robert Nagila scaling walls, oh remember that time he was almost doing sexy times to a tree?? No man is allowed to touch a tree in that manner. Bonnie Odinga doing his report and in the background, hawkers hurling stones at the popo…and finally this week Cythia Makuyu was riding a bike on the street of Kakamega with heels and all!!

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