Ciku tried to ruin me!!!

That is what Pinky is saying. A source who knows the matter very well tells us Pinky told her that Ciku was out to get her when she was the pulse editor. She was behind the story that Pinky had been caught moonlighting for an MTV gig, she also was behind  the rumours she was dating a Kenyan artist plus!!! It gets better,  she baked the story about Pinky never leaving the airport to go and see MJ in LA wololo!

And to make it worse our source tells us Pinky was the reason Ciku got hired at Capital after she became a bother by calling all the time…okay wait Ciku was using Pinky to get a job, didn’t she shout she can get any job she wanted?? After Kiss fired her…okay. I’m confused, our emails to Pinky seem to have been lost in the POST hehe since she ain’t saying jack! Ciku what do you have to say about this??? Pinky is this all true?? Capital who helped Ciku get a job??



In other Ciku news, Media Madness has learnt Ciku was pulled from breakfast for being LAZY!! Aren’t we all?? But for her,  she wasn’t being a team player and took breakfast very very lightly but Wilkins didn’t have the guts to throw her out so he moved her to Drive where she’s just lazying around again! Kwani who does she know at NMG?? Because I’m surprised that the powers that be NMG’s HR haven’t kicked her out yet.


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