She came into the scene when she started hosting Breakfast on Nation…she was losing that battle, cause Phil and Caroline were beating her BADLY so she jumped on the money boat that is Radio Africa,  and co-hosted Kiss Drive with Maina. The show was a big hit! They complimented each other aih!! And some of the things they said on air were a bit too much for my young ears then,  but I loved it!!

After 3 years, she was fired! Why?? Word is, is that she ‘helped’ someone win a shit load of cash on ‘What’s in my pocket’…she soon found solace at Capiro, she hosted Drive for a little while with Charles, then with Marcus before been given the morning slot. She used to host in with Ngatia and after a while Kalekye would drop in once in a while. But one morning, the Standard had published a list of MP’s and their academic qualifications, Cess tore into several MP’s but one particular MP’s qualifications stood out and Cess ridiculed them kabisa! That was the best PAPER review ever! Unfortunately it was her last…she was fired that afternoon.

After a while in the cold she was at HOT 96 initially doing drive, then latenight, the breakfast! But sadly she couldn’t stick to work ethics and was let go.

Word is she is doing lie telling aka PR for a gava official. I miss Cess on air…


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  1. Posted by victor on September 11, 2009 at 9:23 am

    she is the greatest,her combi with kwach especially…i used to wake up early just to tune in..

  2. Posted by Ciiku on November 24, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Cess and Ngatia is one of the greatest collabos on radio EVER [Marcus and Leo, Maina and Kingangi deserve mentions]…. I used to die of laughter…. but keeping two alcoholics together was never going to work!!

    Ngatia and Ciku combi SUCKS mad!

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