Camera friendly and great at his job!

Waweru Njoroge!


Wes, as he’s known to his pals works for NMG’s radio division as the Creative Services manager. He stepped into the media scene when he started working for ‘Capiro’ back in the day, after a stint with a local ad company. Wes has hosted Capitals’ big breakfast, bet you can’t remember, has done sports for Capital and used to tell us what’s hot in the theatres on Capital every Sunday evening!


During his breakfast days

He was at KTN for a few years until they let him go 😦 but hey, he got back into TV land, this time at NTV but sadly he’s longer on screen, cause the ‘big people’ at NTV are saving money to buy girls houses and cars. But dude is brilliant at Creative (He led Capital Creative), witty, down to earth and drinks White Cap, how cool is that??

Ladies, sorry he’s married to Leila!


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on March 9, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Be fair in your coverage…..true he was good on air but he is no longer on, talk about guys who are on air and are worth talking about surely there are, Kenyan media cant be that bad

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