Hecklers on air!


This people forget that the mic is inches away from their mouths! First off, Shaffie Weru…he is always in a hurry to finish talking coupled with the shouting = NOISE! Then we have DNG from 8PM dude! Seriously stop shouting….

Then this morning I had to listen to Kiss, cause a reader called me a dumb fuck for hating on a rising star ‘Larry Asego’ yes, she wasn’t joking. She said Larry is good at what he does and he’s easy on the eyes. Okay I ain’t gay but that dude is not ugly, he’s hedious! Please! Ati hot? Kwani huna macho nkt! Anwaaaay, so this morning like at 6:05 Am Larry and that other guy were shouting something, then they started singing about the Sofapaka –Gor Mahia game! My radio switched itself off hehe


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  1. Posted by Wa Njoroge on October 1, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Larry is good, i still think u ra Dumb fuck asshole…U r just a hater and Asego does best what u cannot do…So chukua TP ujinyonge.!%?\\$^

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