Debarl and Christian from TPF3 were alone in the bedroom (sounds like the start  to a bad porno hehe) anyway, Debarl started complimenting Christian on his looks, he went further to even show Christian how he walks,  even talked about his posture on stage!



Debarl has been busy ‘looking’ He gave tips to Christian on how to ‘kill’ the ladies, he advised to Christian to start lifting weights and he will be buff enough and make a really good model.

At this point I’d like to let you know Debarl used the words ‘My dear’ several times!!



In other news – Christian’s English leaves me in stitches.  When ‘begging’ for our votes this week he says ‘Two times you re-foo-sed me to go home’ and then giggles,  hehe poor boy!


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  1. Posted by soumei on September 19, 2009 at 7:51 am

    LMAO i saw all that ‘boy talk’ i thought i was twisted… clearly not!!

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