Most know her from ‘Dangerous Affairs’ and ‘Wingu La moto’…but most men remember cause she’s HOT, she has a thing wha!! Anyway she started radio at Kiss, she had the Sunday morning slot then, she ditched that for Capital,  where she was doing Late night Capital,  one of the most successful radio shows to date!

Now that fidiot currently hosting it is driving listeners away with her tasteless links!

Back to Nini, she also did some features for CNBC. But she quit Capital to pursue other interests

But Nini has also been in the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, for wearing basically Lingerie to a cocktail party, to rumors of her being a rug muncher, which I must say were like totally not true! Pulse was dry (aren’t they always) for news that month and they ran a piece featuring four ladies and Pulse tried to suggest they all sit down once in a while to indulge in sushi!

Nini,  you are COOL!


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  1. Posted by Gin on February 26, 2010 at 9:21 am

    What is this post all about? I don’t get the flow, just like the fidiot who hosts capitals late night, you have posted a tasteless link. Upgrade!!!

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