TPF the side show

Sheila was looking hot eih! If you leave the fact that she had fur on her shoulders (how many cats died for that Sheila?) she was looking gooood! Mitch was bland, as always. Valerie Kimani was in the house and girl! We know you’ve made it,  so we don’t need to see you in all your accessories, there was a lot of ‘activity’ going on around her face.

Sheila Mitch

Nganga tried to serenade Juliana yawa!

In other news, is Sheila blind? She said jana that Christian and Illumihaga kinda look like Barrack and Michelle…huh??


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  1. illlumihaga!!! nice one!!

  2. lol….u si hilarious…wish i kud watch….only watched week one of the show..:(

  3. Posted by shyrroh on September 25, 2009 at 7:58 am

    hahaha… i totally wondered as you did… and YES, i’m in love with this blog

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