TPF wowhaT!!!

So jana they were singing hits from East Africa.


Maureen really can sing, Leah did a really good version of Wahu’s sweet love. Patricia sang that song we all didn’t know by Valerie (who looked like she okotad her clothes from garbage) Caroline was ish ish!


Alpha please go home please! Debarl death inducing performance is unforgettable,  the fuck?? He stomped all over an already annoying song anyway he’s on probation this week! Btw my mum thinks Debarl might have been high




I need to learn that dance he did eih noma sana…I sing better than him (true) but his performance was brilliant!!!


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  1. totally right ..debarl haribud on of my fav musicians in kenya’s song..but not a reason to evict him. pat on the other hand is pathetic. she can sing yes but gosh … something intresting gal wtf!!!! start a fire in the house or something..wait wait… start a gal fight coz of food..hmmmn that would be intresting

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