Gutiri Mbecha (No money)


NTV is seriously BROKE! At the end of this month over 15 NTV employees are going to be sent home in a cost cutting measure. You know this is mad confusing to my young brain! In Econ class they taught me cost cutting measures have to be first targeted at those activities that don’t bring in any revenue to a company. At NTV they have the most irrelevant positions! Akina Linus, Ian, Victor why do they draw salaries again??


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  1. Yeah why have some of the most useless positions, which are not in any way making profits for the power house? Is this forced retrenchment done only in Kenya or even in all their units, in UG, TZ for example?

  2. I hope the overstayed guys will be hitting the road,, not just recently employed guy. And will the forced retrenchment affect NTV in Kenya all even other units in UG and TZ?

  3. totally…..why do they earn salos exactly …

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