Yep!!! As soon as this was announced thousands of pre-pubscent girls and gays rushed to pour their hearts out on the TPF Facebook page. Their rants are gems wha! And Patricia is getting it!

‘Check out for Patricia for tpf3 fan and throw ur insults there. U wil be overwhelmed by the number of pple who hates the shrek! I am so loving this. She is a traitor nd deserves nothng gud’

‘Little i new hav judas da cariot in the midst! The ugly patrcia.’

‘Fans in ug r so confused,they dnt knw who 2 save btwn their 3 nugus,we save our ngash n the leso maniac fucks off.pamoja tuungane tuangamize msaliti!!’

‘…pat ni sisi na wewe……u wl regret evr putn tht kaevil,malicious smile…..nw dat deb is out alpha is the man…since pat prvd 2 us that it aint talent….she cn as wl b replacd by nganga…isnt she compe 4 alpha?basi compe itoke!’

‘Guyz ati Patricia alikuwa pornstar? hehe.’

‘Patricia ain thru with evolvin!no wonder her eyez pop out the sockets with teeth like thoz of a rabbit!nkt!tusker ni four raundii’

‘Thank God those galz r on prob esp Mauren n Patchietha n Leah!Nga’nga myt as wel b 2nd runerz up!Alpha is da best.’

‘@Akdoshe yani patricia was singing a Love song wawawa i thought she was singing wimbo ya circumscision.’

‘THE 3 HORRORS FROM MIJINGO should all be evicted in a batch. now alpha has no competition. he mighy as well apewe haki yake. the contract and the ca$h’

‘Pat anaimba love song kama ya maandamano.poor Sam,i pitty u….oooh!TUSKER NI 3 KAMA TYRE ZA TUK!TUK!’

‘Pat, ulinibo 2sana afta jana’s incident. Ningekuwa na kiboko ningekurarua live live.’

‘Patricia should evn leave 2nyte…..arudishie shosho leso ocha!’

‘pat on the other hand is pathetic. she can sing yes but gosh … something intresting gal wtf!!!! start a fire in the house or something..wait wait… start a gal fight coz of food..hmmmn that would be intresting’

Wha!!! If you want to read more of this rants visit the group here

Before Debarl was kicked out there was a faggy moment between Hermes and Debarl, not this one…another one,  Hermes asked Debarl to come for a nice tight manly hug!


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  1. Screw the 3 witches on probation…. Cowards

  2. I guess all the Kenyan votes got divided btwn 2 DUDES

  3. Posted by Eunice on September 29, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Debarl was simply the best in TPF. No bargain about that!

  4. Big up Alpha.. Luvin this

  5. Posted by christine damaris on September 30, 2009 at 9:21 am

    Debarl going was the worst mistake tpf ever deed! Patricia was the witch behind all these!shes lost love for her funs but happiness is yet to come.shes leaving soon as sato!

    Ed Note: The person who left this comment needs to learn how to type – check out her typos!

  6. Posted by Soulsista on October 2, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    LOL at the typos…typical Pat hater….getting all worked up about people who have no clue she exists…instead of paying attention in her STD 2 spelling class. Sigh. So sad.

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