Project Fame Saturday and Sunday!

Leah was evicted on Sato, Debarl fans are still in shock cause Patricia survived! Hehe anywaaay on Sunday I wouldn’t say the girls did a good job but Nganga surprised many with his version on Wyre’s hit Chuki! Now Alpha needs to realize who he appeals to and I hope HE WONT WIN!! What else…Ian and Mitch had a spat (I’ve seen better acting) please! Mitch needs to get a life or be attentive in ‘Fight class’ hehe anyway TPF wraps up next week! So vote for whoever make you tick



In other news…who taught Ian to wave like that?? Aih



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  1. Posted by ste4 biko on October 5, 2009 at 7:31 am

    its okay niandu ma nyumba

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