Where are they now??

Talia Oyando


She came into the limelight with the Say yes to the children campaign a project by UNICEF. She and Tuju’s daughter then started a girl group where they made music which was best listened to on MUTE!

She joined Nation and quickly became  mad popular with the show Muthoni used to host! She then coined a nickname for herself ‘Itol Talia’ and people loved her especially the reggae part of her show! I’ll never forget the day she said ‘Pass the kuspeng’ I was in class and I laughed sooo hard! I was thrown out of the night preps hehe anywaaaay! She was kept on the Easy FM line up when they re-launched but Phil wasn’t feeling the reggae vibe so he scrapped her show and soon she was on Mid-day…this is where her career started to go down…she became mega-boring, her love life or lack of it took centre stage and man wasn’t it a pot of draaaama! When Nation launched Q-Fm they decided to give her a chance to shine again but it was short lived cause the big shot at Q Fm was not feeling that vibe and she was fired.

She’s currently in the states ‘recording music’ and she says she’s eager to come back and hopefully get back on radio.


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  1. i PLEASE PLESE get your facta straight. I DIDN’T fire Ital Tallia from Easy! In fact the Nigt Nurse was the best dawa anyone sick of the usual boring run of the mill music mix had a great time with Ita Tallia! John Wilkins fired her because he had an hidden agenda! Tallia is a very conscentious, dedicate dand professional presenter. She puts everything into her work whatever it might be. She would be a possitive assett to any broadcast organisation willing to give her a chance, which she deserves. She is a natural in reggaee but more than a technicitian when dealing with other programme styles. One of Kenya’s home grown broadcasting talents so why doesn’t someone hire her?? Great personality great worker. Please someone give her a break !! Reards Phil Mtthews

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