It’s not true! Period!

I knew people were obsessed with Peninah Karibe but not to this level!! The Nairobi rumour mill is at it again! This time people claim there’s a ‘movie’ out there with Peninah doing some naughty things! Well let me burst your bubble it’s all LIES!!! People have been writing in and asking about it and I’ve ignored them, cause that story is all LIES!

Seriously,  you don’t expect Peninah to do ‘those things’ cause we all know Peninah is soo innocent, if you suggested ‘those things’ to her she’d giggle till she pees on herself.

So people move on!!


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  1. Posted by Anon on December 7, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Ati Peninah innocent? And the way she used to “gawa” at KIMC? Ask anyone who went there at that time utaskia msichana is/was generous to a fault

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