On for a minute!

There have been a few people who entered the media and left QUICK FAST! When NTV was re-launching it’s prime time news last year, they brought on some hot lady called Wanjiru Karanja but it was evident from the first broadcast she was having a major case of the nerves and the following week she was taken off air 😦

We can’t forget Collo of the Kleptomaniacs had to quit music to concentrate on his ‘radio career’ but woi, it was shortlived…the Kiss management weren’t impressed with his new found accent

People don’t even remember Carol Atemi was at Kiss…cause she was on air less than five times!!!

And there was Linda at Capital, she was hosting a new show after ‘The Fuse’ was canned…but after protests online her show was wrapped up and the fuse was back on air…she was given a random show…no idea where she is now…

Drum editor Jackie, had a very brief stint at Kiss anchoring the news 🙂



Val was at Capital! She was hosting Urban Nights

Wahu was on K24 bet you can’t remember that


Eric Latiff was on KTN prime ha! Then waltzed over to K24! Then came back bruised to Capital


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