Camera friendly, and good at their job!

Catherine Kasavuli


She started at VOK! (Am that old) and for a long time used to host a show with Machoka…she then moved to KTN and was there forever! At one time she used to train new anchors those who worked with her at KTN say she was always smiling and would offer a word or two of encouragement once in a while.

She then moved to Citizen and became their head of corporate communication and my source tells me people there love her to BITS!!! Cause unlike some anchors she talks to EVERYONE

And we salute her for still looking sooo good every single day!


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  1. Posted by Anita on March 3, 2010 at 10:01 am

    if it not months late to add my comment…..shes an ever smiling lady….she is eloquent to bits plus she is growing old gracefully……..i think the prezo also likes her work no wonder he gave her an award…..

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