I must say WORLD CLASS…the stage was imported! There is no way DS can’t make a stage that good damn! On the red carpet the Kenyan stars were all over! And I must ask who was that hot piece reporting for Citizen? Ck rolled in but the MC’s had no idea who he was hehehehehe he had to walk out and back on the red carpet so that the MC would announce his name!! Why do you keep doing this CK aih! The performances were on point wowhat!!


The red carpet at the MAMAs

AKON fell off stage tihihih hilarious as hell but his people picked him up fast! Wyclef and Akon did some push ups and stripped…wewe!!! Get yourself together not everything though (I tried them once I was in bed for 3 days – the push ups that is phew!)


The awards WTH?? Amani ???? WTF?? Nameless WTF?? Dude has ONE ALBUM!!!! Shiet! Amani can’t sing EVER! She trounced Lira of all people! Amani did you pass THOSE pics of yourself to the judges by any chance cause I don’t see how the public votes got you a MAMA



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