TPF Finale!

Alpha Rwiranga-Rwanda

Alpa won (And talked forever *yawn*) , Nganga came second, Caroline was in third place and Patricia was in fourth place. I must say the last episode of TPF was hoot! Ian, Kavutha and Hellon performed. As the curtains falls on TPF 3, let’s look at the good and bad times at TPF


Ian and Kavutha performing was the bomb! Wowhat I was so impressed. Also we can’t forget Maureen and her soulful permances…who will ever forget Nganga rendition of Wyre’s chuki, it was the best thing to ever happen to TPF in my view. Unfortunately the good things end there!



In the second episode Sheila almost pulled a Janet Jackson yawa! The feuds between Mitch and Ian were tiring they didn’t even learn their lines properly…Illumihaga kissing the floor was classic! Sadly I paid to have that footage but there is something not clean in the milk cause my source is mteja! The performance by Valerie and that giant from TZ was pathetic and Valerie needs to know how to dress like a star aih! Now we can talk about the dressing, WTF was Alpha wearing jana?? Jeez dude! And sometimes Sheila looked like she’d walked through the whole wardrobe her hair was all over some shinny nguos eih sista! The production team messed up so many times like jana mics going on and off!! One thing that was totally off with TPF was Edu the choreographer!

Sheila Mitch

The haters

Of course I must feature this hehe jana I was Twitter…here’s a few things people had to say about TPF

On Alpha’s red shirt

‘Alpha is wearing obviously what every gay man should wear when they’re coming out’

‘Kwani dongfang started making shirts – he’s wearing an un-ironed curtain OUCH!’

‘It was the faggy comment jana and now this shirt this boy be OUUUUT’

On Patricia being number 4

‘Patricia amepewa kichapo cha doggie’

‘Woishe ata biscuit hapati’

On Nganga’s

‘Kwani Nganga alijishonea collar’

‘Crotch SHOT *nightmares*

On Sheila


On Kavutha

‘She’s soo cute’

‘Damn that sista gat a voice’

‘Her heels are re-enforced with the kind of steel used in bridges’

On Edu

What the hell is that dance Epileptics on weed??

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