Remember that idiot in high school or Uni who sat next to you during exams and who knew nada! And so,  you trying to be cool allowed them to copy from you? Remember how daft they were that they copied your work word for word even the spelling mistakes?? And when your lecturer or teacher was marking the exams,  your work was sooo similar that even YOU the ‘Originator’ of the work was considered stupid by the teacher/lecturer for copying.

Muthe u 2

Well the above lady runs a COMMERCIAL website and she has been busy copy pasting from Media Madness WORD FOR WORD

We asked her to stop, she said she wont!

Am sure you’re thinking,  why is Pius hating on a lady who looks like she’s proficient in smoke signals and not internet stuff.

I’m not hating just angry, angry ’cause Media Madness is not commercial and we do what we do to inform and we have fun doing it…but this lady is trying to make money off of us NOT RIGHT! Round two coming soon…

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