Over the years…

Over the years Media house in Kenya have felt there’s a need to re-launch their products… to make them better? Appeal to new consumers?? Or just to show us how uncreative they are….we start with the oldest paper in East Africa.

The Standard wana jokes! That upside down thing for the sports pages still makes me mad – although I rarely read sports EVER! I’d rather watch bread rise in the oven…anyways last year they did their most dramatic change ever, even a new tagline ‘For fairness and justice’ or something like that…the layout is clearly meant for civil servants cause I don’t have time to figure out where what is…

Nation took the conservative route…changed the colors added a few articles but the layout works for me

Now for the mother of all jokes!


Need I say more? But I got mad love for KTN their programming is SUPERIOR!


Now who sat and thought the colors to the gay parade would fit in a once mainstream TV station?? Worse! They messed up the programming nkt!

Kiss Fm has re-launched at least 6 times in the 9 years they have been in the industry and very time they do,  they add at least 2 songs to their playlist muhahahaha anywaaaay they do make some notable changes like their station ID and killing shows that actually rocked ‘People’s Parliament’ ‘Cross fire’ ‘Keeping it Kenyan with the Homoboyz’ ‘8-10’ the list can go on.


Easy FM was Nation FM and when they changed they were sooo similar to Kiss it wasnt funny…but now they’re number one for blues and R&B – so they say.

HOT 96 FAIL! If only they kept Y Fm…they would be soo successful it wouldn’t be funny…. but Jimmy Gathu walked into RMS with a mission to get back at his former bosses and messed up a station that was growing, slowly but it was growing.HOT96

Worse they’ve re-lauched again!! Into a station that plays that shitty music HIPHOP

hot96 (1)

After 13 years of perfectly fine and very entertaining jingles, someone at Capital held off a fart and it went to his/her brain and after that came ‘The bolder provocative’ Capiro every time I hear that I expect to hear ‘Coming to a newsstand’ near you – the tagline doesn’t fit radio at all!

KBC LOL! Someone tell them about Adobe Flash MUHAHAHA!


We can’t forget the mess of our century METRO fM


And the only re-launch I actually feel had an impact a HUGE one on the market was Citizen TVs’


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  1. Posted by gambi on October 22, 2009 at 4:58 am

    i feel the capiro re launch was nothing but a shot in the leg. The only bold thing is the letting ray loose her sleep to be on air at 5 to play house music and provocative bringing back cess. NTV should just be branded the house of american reality t.v. Shocker of the week sometime last week rama yang (hope i got the spelling right) claiming is a rock ( imagine that)

  2. Posted by Soulsista on October 23, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    and who told NTV that their viewers are of the average age of 3?? they have this thing of censoring a KISS for fucks sake..and the censoring is done so badly that they cut a few seconds of dialogue while they’re at it! as in????

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