Regurgitate! Part 1

In the Kenyan media there seems to be a phobia towards new talent. So the old tired voices and faces keeping hoping media houses in the hopes of being relevant. Let’s look at how those who have been ‘around’ are doing.

Those it’s RUINED

Muthoni Bwika! She went from Capital to Nation to Kiss to Capital AGAIN! Then to Hot 96…and then to oblivion…and it’s not a radio station

Alex Chamwada- he was at the top of his game on KTN, then he rushed over to Citizen to kill his career.

Ngatia Murenga- at Nation he was on top wowhat! Then he went to Capital and for a while when he was with Cess it was working but when he was paired with Kalekye…it just went downhill and his move to Hot 96 was worse cause Alfajiri is just down the road from Hot 96 and we all know he can smell vodka in a sewer! Now he’s back to Easy



Peter Kimani – Monday Mix on Nation was the article everyone didnt want to miss…he’s now at Standard and I can honestly say he’s sooo boring

Peter Kimani

Tina – when she was at Hope FM she had a strong following, then she moved into secular radio – Hot 96 and she was even kicked out her church!

Jimmy Jams – His move from Capital was shocking! To make matters worse Kiss gave him mid-morning for a little while then the People’s parliament, then he was moved to the Classic 105 drive. After a few months doing that he moved to Hot 96 as their Station manager. Let’s just say his radio career DIED there. But on the bright side he’s now doing great on TV

Effie Hunja! Dude was doing great on NTV, then he moved to Citizen and he didnt last there 😦 sidebar…one time he came to see my boss in Upperhill and I whispered to my pal ‘He has a big head’ turns out I can whisper! Cause he heard me and just smiled at me…I wanted to drop dead!

Louis Otieno – Read it here

Ciku Ciku “>Muiruri – Ciku was doing well at Kiss but she had a tantrum one day and decided to leave, she went to Pulse, then back to Capital and then to Easy – she’s a bore wha!


Mike Okinyi – wacha tu


Swaleh Mdoe – 😦 the babu stories changed


Charles Kiarie was doing waaay better than he is now at Capital

And the MOTHER of all!! Nyambane… he became greedy and thought a move to a new station would propel him further! He was wrong. He had been promised the Programme controller’s role but that was given to the all so lovely Nyambura Githongo…we hear he’s quit Q FM



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  1. Posted by Godfrey on October 26, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Bravo, well said! About time somebody told those media bosses that recycling talent just annoys the heck out of audiences. And the assumption that big-name presenters will “move with their audiences,” assumes that audiences don’t have minds of their own.

    Radio and TV stations represent the lifestyles of their audiences. If I watch TV station A, for example, why should I change to station B just because a popular presenter has moved there, and especially if station B doesn’t match my beliefs and value system?

  2. Posted by nitty on October 27, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Am thinking this move-with-the-listener-lot only works if u are Fareed. for the first time am actually listening to X-fm

  3. Posted by Eve6 on November 11, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Fareed is fantastic. He will do well, wherever he goes. However as Judge Ian says, I think X-FM is too too small for him.

  4. yeah, i am not a fan of Rock music, but i am also tuned in these days…even when Seanice was still there after FK left…i had to switch…there is literally not reason to listen to Capital FM before Cess and Kiarie check in…We need new talent for sure, but as long as FK is in the market, ill listen…Funny how no-one new XFM really before he bounced…plus the ish that he is doing on air these days…the pranks, the…its so fresh…ya hearD!!

  5. Its true these presentors are ok, bt the ‘big’ ones sh’d leav room 4 upcming ones…my favrits r Kaleche & Maina

  6. Posted by jumper on March 25, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Tru said but let me give you one insight you haven’t touched on ….al our current presenters are one way or another are connected either via school or from the same click..think about it look at Edward kwach, denis & eric ndavi , teddy muthusi , Sheila nation, caro mutuko , fareed, they all eat from the same plate so breaking in to the media circle is crazy ….not forgetting the many programs controllers who pretend to be competitors and sit at one table to exchange how well their station is doing…….its time we had to vote out them old radio presenters and lets see i know there are lots of talented peeps out there

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