It’s the new ‘Reality’ dance show in Kenya airing on Citizen TV…KTN are you taking notes? Anyway the dancers are ish ish but the music I like and it’s better than what we’ve seen before.

The judges are Ian, a South African Lady and Wyre. Tihihi I’d rather the judges just score the dancers and SHUT UP!

Now Mama Tomiso has an accent! When I ask people how come they have an accent they say it’s caused they lived abroad or they’ve picked up from people around them or they’ve picked it up from watching soaps. Wahu got her accent from the latter! She was like give it up for Flo-Ridaaaaaarrrr! WTH??

As for Jalango dude you are on TV with your fly open WTF?? Don’t know how that is funny and Jalango needs to lay on the floor kiasi so he can be swept out together with the dust!

But I love, love the set! And the crowd seems to enjoy the show


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on October 26, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    lmfaooo…. wahu needs to up her game… damn….

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