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Okay I get it…Marcus and Nick on Classic 105 are already idiots! But still being stupid has its limit…on a recent radio show they talked about being gay in Kenya. They went on and on and one lady was listening and she was not impressed with what she heard.

She’s fighting back!! She says Marcus and Nick are stirrring violence against gay people….which in actual sense is true cause Marcus did say ‘When you see a gay person slap the gayness out of him’ . In my limited knowledge of the law I know it’s a crime to incite violence and marcus and Nick are abusing their platform.

So email,, or and complain about Marcus and Nick

Join Paula on her blog or her Twitter page or Listen to her podcast here

Marcus and Nick NOT COOL!!!

Update Caroline Mutoko, who I have mad respect for sent Paula a reply defending Marcus and Nick for their actions. Caroline weren’t you the one crying on radio 2 years back calling for unity amongst Kenyans and asking us to embrace our neighbors??

Caroline Mutoko’s response to the issue. Copy pasted word for word.


The violence in Kenya in 2007 can never be compared to the intolerance Kenya and Africa have for gay people.
It trivializes the issues we underwent politically and ethically. The very people who suffered in 2007 would be shocked and disgusted to think some small minded people think it’s the same thing. How you chose to have sex cannot and does not compare to the suffering of our IDPS.

I am tolerant of homosexuals, period. When I start getting garbage in the name of the “persecuted minorities” then I have to put an end to it. There’s a threshold to how tolerant I or anyone can be of something that whether you like it or not, goes against the very sensibilities of more than 90% of humanity, let alone Kenyans.

No single media personality has given the homosexuals in this country more air-time or space to speak and be heard without judging them than I have. So spare me the crap and the moral high-ground on what I can or cannot say and whether or not Nick and Marcus were right or wrong. There are homosexuals who work with us how do you want to know I care? Would you like to me “out” them so you can ask them if Caroline is legitimate.

What Kenya went through in early  2008 and this nonsense with the homosexuals cannot and should not be compared at all. How fickle can you be.

I can be tolerant, and tolerant I am, but I don’t have to embrace it and I sure as hell don’t have to apologise for saying it’s a none issue if I think so. There are bigger issues in this nation to deal with right now and the fact that afew homosexuals are hurt because Marcus and Nick said, give them a quick slap is beyond logic.

From [Name], to [Name], to [Name], [Name], the organisation called Forgotten Sheep, [Name], [Name], [Name], to [Name] and [Name], to [Name] and [Name], to [Name] and [Name] and not to mention [Name] and [Name] who still rely on me for cash and jobs, I am very tolerant of homosexuals in Kenya. I’m not some silly little talking head looking for cheap publicity, I actually keep their confidences, respect their secrets and accept they want to remain in the closet.

They come to my show, call me and take me into confidence because they know I get it. I’m their go-to-person.  But when some air-heads thinks this is their new soap box to get mileage, you’ve got another think coming.
Incidentally, can you all get back to work, Paul Ilado, Patrick Quarcoo and myself have real issues to deal with.


Ed Note I had to take out some names.


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  1. Posted by Aremon on October 27, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    ask them if we can also stone all those who have mpango wa kandos like them ……………………

  2. Posted by paulakahumbu on October 27, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Thank you for your support. I really appreciate this. Kenya can’t afford to have homophobes running the radio stations. We need intelligent people who can help this fragile country to heal. What goes around comes around -these presenters should be sued for inciting violence.

  3. Quite true. Everything has got to have a limit. Sometimes people think they would impress the more by taking their jokes too far. If they thought that was so funny, it wasn’t. That screwed-up pair of douche bags needs to learn.

  4. Posted by Njoroge on October 28, 2009 at 8:23 am


    Am homophobic but I have friends who are of the gay persuation and we get along well. What nick and marcus did was air their opinion and unfortunately, they shared the same sentiments.

    Their show wasnt as friendly to members of the gay community as maina and Kingangi’s or Caroline Mutoko’s were but you shouldnt turn a blind eye to the presenters who gave the topic fair coverage without bruising your egos.

    That said, i dont think they incited anyone because i honestly cannot take Nick and Marcus too serious to walk around slapping the gayness out of anyone (i have a mind of my own) but i will b*&%# slap and maybe pluck an eye off anyone of the male gender who approaches me and tells me am fly. I sincerely apologise to those who have been hurt and lemme request ya’ll to sieve everything that falls in your ears. Dont be emotional about anything and learn to see humor where it is.

    Two, Establish boundaries and keep them. Just as i wear pants to keep my private parts private, learn to keep your private life private. Be level headed and dont over sensitize an issue. Let me find out you are gay because you told me and we moved on, but i didnt see you strutting across the streets in a bra and hairy legs because you want to get accepted.

    Ed note You my friend just ‘dinyad’ some GOOD points right there!! You made me think hard and laugh at the same time
    I took what Nick and Marcus as a joke. Was it a joke taken too far? No. They are testosterone heads.

  5. Posted by Christabel on October 28, 2009 at 8:45 am

    You need to empathise with people especially the minority. it is no surprise that most presenters say whatever they want on air, after all, most media houses employ people without proper qualifications. we need you people to be proffessional.

  6. Posted by Godfrey on October 28, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Let’s face it, Kenya is not UK and it would have been suicidal for Caroline and her crew to come out openly in support of gays and lesbians. Every society has its values and Kenya is no exception. Homosexuality is a taboo zone here and lets please leave it at that.

  7. Posted by LATE on October 28, 2009 at 10:26 am

    I still ask, Dogs, donkeys and chicken only lay the opposite sex? never heard of any animal that lays another of the same sexual orientation willingly/kwowingly. Have we gone below the animals??…literally??. There is rubbish of saying that we are living in the 21st Century so lifestyle has changed, remember all the above mentioned animals lived during Adam/Moses/Jesus times as well as now……so do humans…….then why do we have the urge of engaging the same sex notion and not the animals?…..I’LL CONTINUE TO ASK, HAVE WE GONE LOWER THAN THE ANIMALS???

    Ed Note if you listen to Paula’s podcast she mentions there’s a monkey that openly engages in homosexual acts can’t remember the name though

  8. Posted by LATE on October 28, 2009 at 11:18 am

    @ Ed, heheheheheeeeee, i like that but we can’t use that as an excuse, as Awillo says in his song..”Dunia imepasuka mahali” In any case, we can’t use the monkey to justify gaysm. I respect people’s opinions however it makes no sense. i have listened to arguements on gaysm that its not their choice but inborne. That couldn’t be further from the truth coz if indeed its inherited, then how were they conceived? since the copulation took place and conception. then we could as well argue that since a Rapist’s son caught raping should not be punished simply coz its not his choice but genetic makeup is what has made him rape. the argument holds no water. Next, rapists will form a caucus, lobby groups and argue the same, that they need their space and be respected. Therefore Homosexuality and Lesbianism is a choice just as Rapists.

  9. Bonobos, one of our Great Ape cousins, engage in sex with the same gender, as do MANY other species. To think that humanity is superior to non-human animals explains why this planet is such an ecological nightmare and why we’re all headed toward extinction. What happened on that radio station would’ve gotten those DJs fired if it happened here in the U.S. What they propose – physically assaulting gay people – is a hate crime since the passage of the Matthew Shepherd Act. Paula is one of my friends and, I thought, an example of how most Kenyans think and act. I’m disgusted to read the homophobic comments from Caroline Mutoko, and the other commenters here. Hate in the name of “cultural identity,” is a weak argument and one that is slowly losing credibility in the first world.

  10. Posted by Peter on October 28, 2009 at 11:58 am

    The issue is not whether the scale of gay-bashing (literally or rhetorically) is somehow in-equivalent to the post-election violence. It’s about whether Kenya as a society is willing to be tolerant and accept difference. If it can’t cope with sexual diversity, then how on earth is it going to cope with political and ethnic differences?

    Gay-bashing IS the same as ethnic violence. It’s the same rhetoric, it has the same sources, and if it’s left unchecked, it’ll have the same outcome: dead or injured people, and marginalised communities living underground for fear of persecution. I’m staggered that Caroline Mutoko is being so flippant about the issue, and unwilling to criticise broadcasters who clearly breach basic ethical standards.

    I’m also staggered that Caroline is so dismissive of something that “goes against the very sensibilities of more than 90% of humanity”. Erm… according to which survey, Caroline?

    And anyway, just because homosexuality is marginal doesn’t make it right to target. It poses NO threat to social cohesion. It poses NO threat the family. It poses NO threat to anyone. And Njoroge… an unwelcome advance from a gay guy is just as off-putting as an unwelcome pass from a straight guy for a woman. It’s also easily dismissed and hardly worth gouging an eye out for.

    Nobody is being asked to like homosexuality, much less take part in it. But there’s also absolutely NO excuse for promoting intolerance in any form, whether it’s ethnic, religious or sexual.

  11. For all those who have grown up in Kenya, we know being Homosexual is a taboo subject. i remember when i first saw two guys kissing it was disgusting. i have many homosexual friends both male and female now days; and i find nothing wrong with it. Thats how God made them. Its not a choice, or a sin to be gay..

    However what those two said was in a joke context. am sure they have Gay friends too, if if they dont know it yet. To compare what they said to the genocide in 2008 is a Joke.. My god Paula grow up… Please.. its not as serious as you are making it sound.. the thing with radio is that once its done thats it. a handfull of people hear it.. some take it to heart some forget about it… What you are doing here is making a mountain out of a mole hill.. So for gods sake just shut up.

  12. Posted by Billy on October 28, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion… no one’s entitled to their own truth. Homosexuality is a twisted, perverse, ungodly lifestyle that people CHOOSE to engage in, let’s not drag God or political correctness into it. That said, every form of violence or incitement to violence is equally perverse. I’d probably put myself in harm’s way to protect a gay person if they were being attacked physically on account of their gayness, but I’d do the same for any human being facing the same action. Let that never be misconstrued to mean I’m tolerant of homosexual behavior. On that front, am solidly with Caroline. Grow up gays, what did you expect the world, especially Africa to do, hand out bouquets??? Come on…

    Ed Note LMAO…your last line has killed me…but good points though.

  13. Posted by Marc on October 29, 2009 at 3:51 am

    Pure Nonsense, you can compare homosexual issue with what the Nation is facing…un-employed youths and all that.

    Thats Garbage, if you are a homosexual yourself..thats your bedroom issue, straight people dont go around chatting their marital problems and making the Nation grind to a halt. this is bull crap..if you dont have anything to write or update! close down this site FCUK!

    Ed Note My friend I only wrote about WHAT was happening

  14. Posted by Caro on November 2, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Caroline just wants to be put in a spot. Gay or straight nobody as a right to slap me.

    Gay people are our friends, our family, our neigboirs, our teachers, our doctors, our politicians, our f***ng fellow human beings.

    You have a problem with them…..? Keep it to yourself. As for gay people….hell! they have a justification to fight for their rights. You and me – we have all the freedom to enjoy our sexuality. Do they?…..Common! And dont give me that f***ng religion thing! Who cares!!!!!!!!!

  15. Posted by Proud Gay Man! on November 3, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    I will try to be as brief and polite as possible—Lord help me!!
    As far as I am concerned,my sexuality has nothing to do with Marcus,Nick,Caroline or whoever think they are a god coz they sit behind a microphone—Whoever I take to bed doesn`t pay them a heavy cheque—Whoever I decide to kiss and love won`t give them better sleep…So as far as am concerned,those stereotyped radio presenters can say whatever they want to say for all I care!!!I will never lose sleep coz someone spoke ill of gay men…..Who are they in the first place????I am ME and will NEVER change coz someone doesn`t understand me!!

    • Posted by Anonymous on November 3, 2009 at 2:43 pm

      @Proud gay man: We understand you and your type perfectly. What’s there not to understand? We are just tired of having pro-gay propaganda shoved down our throats everyday. Nowadays, most movies have a gay character as if to show that’s its “OK.” Gay is certainly not normal and there’s nothing complicated about that.

  16. Posted by jaye on November 3, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    This is just a cheap shot by Caro. She wants to be the news herself. We all know who has taken over her number one breakfast slot and i read nothing but bitterness and envy and the vitrol is is pouring is just crap. She shouldnt think so much of herself either. And naming whoevr she was naming only goes to show she wants the spotlight on herself. Dear it aint about you Caro coz you are last year news. Whilst Marcus and Nick are inciting violence using the Media as a tool, we should not not forget Rwanda and the roleof Media in fanning the genocide. We arent said the PEV and the anti-gay sentiments flying all over are the same, nay. We arent that fickle. What we are becrying is that its a violation of basic human rights tennets. When Caro’s simplistic mind thens to think the said 10% who dont conform with ‘her’ 90% then they shouldnt speak or say NO when they are violated we clearly see some of the buffons who make up the media. Recognisition and upholding the right of the minority and the weak and meek is what a civilised society is made up of. You may not neccessarily agree with their views but you must bear them as they are.

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