Another Ugandan on our airwaves….it’s will take him like 2 years to try and ‘get with’ the Kenyan audience and by that time the rest will be HUKOOOOO!!!

I love Gae and especially with Studio 53 but for him to host CITM with Rae and Maqbul I feel they will drain his energy. Those who have had the privilege of listening to Gae on Ugandan radio can testify to that fact. He used to host a weekday show with Juliana and it wasn’t all that but his show on Sato mornings was off the hinges!


In other news…why does Capital not promote local talent…judging from the emails people have sent over this piece…Capital needs to trend carefully cause people are now going to ‘hate’ them for not being Kenyan enough. They already have lots of brilliant voices/personalities who can take their main shows mbali sana but they choose to keep them on the sidelines doing some graveyard shifts. Not cool


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  1. Posted by Eve6 on November 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    GAE is the best. Akaribishwe sana!

    And dude we are now promoting the EAC.

    Why aren’t you bitching about all the Kenyans doing good stuff in UG, TZ. SA, Juba (Sudan) Rwanda etc?

    Si we say warudi nyumbani they leave that work to the citizens.

    Xenophobia sucks!!!

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