Fresh Freddy!! Aka Paddy Mwangi

He started his media career on Shikamoo!! Which used to air on Nation TV now NTV…maaan!! That was the show I must have been like 12 years old when it used to air but I couldn’t miss an episode EVER! I even used to insist I be driven to the Village Market for their events…but to be honest I can’t remember who the other peeps on Shikamoo were!


Then came the close up deal hehe…below is the ad that he did for close up, the ad also featured Yolanda Masinde

Then came the Close up dating show, which he co-hosted with the very stunning Coco Walchli (She was in a fair and lovely ad, word is she’s back in the country with her hubby and kid)

Paddy walked away from all this and went to the UK to study. In 2006 he came back  to the country and is now working in the health care industry. Although I do see him a couple of times on Peponi road, next time I see him I’ll try and snap a pic for y’all, but he drives a Subaru and am always in a Toyo 😦 so catching up with him might be a problem.

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