Adam and Twende wrapping up!!

In a paid up ad in today’s Nation EAM’s publisher Carol Mandi has announced that Adam and Twende are wrapping up next month.  Since she said it’s until further notice am sure it’s back to the drawing board on the strategy part. Adam came into a market,  where it’s supposed target  was used to Mens Health, Sport Illustrated and some other shady mags…but they failed BADLY not packing enough for their readers.

Twende on the other hand is a brilliant publication…badly MARKETED



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  1. Posted by Godfrey on November 16, 2009 at 5:18 am

    It’s sad when a magazine wraps up, it always feels like something has died.

    Publishing magazines in Kenya is very tough because most audiences would rather read politics than anything else. Infact, the longest running magazine – the Weekly Review – was purely a political publication. It ran from the early 1970s until it folded in the mid 90s. The rest came, lasted a few years then folded up. I’m talking of the likes of Viva, Step, Trends, Society, Nairobi Times, Nairobi Law Monthly, Beyond, among others.

    That is not to say that there aren’t any magazines around. Just look at True Love, Drum, the Catholic ones (I forget the titles) and of course the less respectable one whose titles I won’t mention here.

    ED Note I feel you on that one…not forgetting QZ and Eve

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