Nothing but LOVE

Here’s what I’ve been ‘consuming’ over the weekend, in between shopping sipping milkshakes, cursing Pizza Inn employees NKT! Being called ‘Madam’ TWICE!! And of course baby sitting the 3 year old. That boy makes me happy 🙂

On sato morning I woke up to my siz blazing X Fm – it was Raabia in the morning, went and upped the volume kiasi but my moments were cut short by my mum as she made her morning phone calls!

Then I did my daily dose of Al Jazeera, but I switched to NTV and Robert Nagila was commentating from Nyayo Stadium. NOTE to NTV always make sure your sound is working. And before I left the house I watched MISIKO kiasi as she talked about good manners…if only she knew the bad manners going on in my head at that time!


Sunday morning I was listening to Pete on X Fm, playing the oldies…read an interesting piece in the Nation, they say men from Central Kenya have at least 8 lovers!!! Of course they must have 8 lovers to complete 16 minutes of pleasure.


Got home a little after 9 on Sunday and Belinda was anchoring Sunday Live and she looked sooo calm NICE!!! And for those who’ve been going around trying to figure out how I look, my siz reckons Citizen’s Hussein Mohammed and I look alike. I disagree!!! Maybe the hair.

Have a lovely start to your week y’all…the bitchiness is back KESHO!


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  1. Posted by Soulsista on November 16, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Ok..i love the way you write, and your insights..but eish today boss…SIZ??
    Did u really write this piece?

    Ed Note it’s not SIZ?

  2. Posted by Soulsista on November 17, 2009 at 1:40 am

    lol unless you spell it as SIZTER.

    ED Note LMAO! Hmm now we know how to spell it

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