Strange encounters

The first time I met Seanice, she was dressed in a really small skirt aih! And some big ass pom pom…but she gives really firm handshakes. Now my pal and I were busy minding our bizness (hair) at Lornho, when we saw Fareed, been the Fareed fan she is,  she pushed me to go and say hi, I was STARSTRUCK!! Maan my gay side came out strong with that encounter,  when I asked for his armband…he said NO! My pal never forgets this day FML


Now my most shocking encounter was Valentine Njoroge…she came to our Upperhil office once and I was walking out I almost fainted! Such beauty and those jugs jeeez!!


When I first met John Sibi Okumu I realized make-up works!


Some people I’ve randomly met and I can classify the meetings ‘stranger encounters’ …Maina Kageni – Dude is super short! Sanaipei Tande – when you see her on TV you think she’s tall but she’s five foot nothing! Cute though, very cute.


Debbie Asila – it was an afte when I met her but she was clearly a little high. How’s that for a first encounter!!


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