Over to you…

You peeps are the best!! You email, inbox me muhahi hehe and I love it. At least y’all keep me entertained cause my day job sometimes can be a load of crap!

On the Pussy Drink, Anita says ‘Hey stranger, that pussy drink. where is it? make a list coz a bunch of us want some’

On KTN’s Newsnight, Wairimu says ‘TRAITOR!!! How can you promote 2 hours of NEWS!! Si amini yaani I thought ni kitu ya maana that was going down NKT!’

Wanjau asks ‘How much were you paid to tells us about Newsnight? And you should be ashamed Media Madness hates on arrogant people in the media then you promote ramah who ooooozes arrogance mbaya mbovu’

On Media Madness ‘fight’ with Rae Steve saysBoss! Ikiwa alikataa kuingia box wacha kumharibia jina’

On calling Caroline Mutoko cute an anonymous reader says ‘You think she’s cute? Talk about ass kissing’

On Wahu hosting Sakata a reader tweets ‘Who sold Wahu that accent?

Now I get a lot of flack kila siku here’s a few bits of what is thrown my way!

‘You’re a QUUUUUUUUUUEEEEN!! When will you realize it???? Stop hiding – Ed Note This rant is from a guy called John, who is convinced am gay ’cause of my style of writing. John, go fuck a tree!

‘Jinga hii you’re just a teenager, what have you achieved after KCPE’ – Ed Note Come to my house, I’ll show you.

‘Remove that picture!!! It was stolen from my Facebook – Ed Note I get sent stuff, I rarely ask where the stuff is from. Although I’ve asked the guy to prove the pic was from his Facebook. He hasn’t replied my email.


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  1. Posted by Steve on November 24, 2009 at 6:19 am

    Hahaha you posted my email!!

  2. Posted by Anita on November 24, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Wee sema where i can get some pussy wacha pang’ang’a mob. P.S am as Straight as a dick in the morn- which i must say, i lyk… T.M.I? ok.

    Ed Note Anita babes si I replied to your email…SOHOS

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