Rumour has it…

Talia Oyando is being wooed with food men and a load of cash so that she joins the HBR stable. My source tells me HBR wants her to host on the reggae station.


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  1. Posted by Cera on November 24, 2009 at 6:19 am

    Recyling again! Fuck, seriously we dont have new talent in Kenya?? Ever the same tired people PUH!

  2. Posted by Roysambu on November 24, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Actually, your source is wrong. Talia brought HERSELF to HBR and was rejected.

    Ed Note HAHAHAHA she was rejected?? Sweeeet!

  3. She is hot tho….and sweet voice….tho this reggae this….nonono….she doesnt seem roots material….

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