He hit me in the RITHO!!!!

That’s what NTV’s Wobert Nawgillar is saying…he says some MP type dude Simon Mbugua pounced on him at the Serena. Wobert was there having a drink with a friend, cause he’s a sophisticated lady like that and only drinks at the Serena.  I don’t support violence and I’ll demonise Simon Mbugua for pounching on a journalist just cause he reported on his adabu mbaya’s

But since this is Kenya, people are having fun with the incident. My favorite one comes from a tweet…this reader says Wobert Nagillar seeing Simon must have in his ‘Whatever’ accent shouted Simon Mboga!!! Leading to a confrontation


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  1. Posted by Mjasiri on November 26, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Eti mheshimiwa, Mheshimiwa tabia imeoza! Ngoja, tutamtoa 2012 yeye pamoja na Waititu.

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