Yesterday I was asked to tell you (as if I have any authority) which radio show is a must listen. I was BLANK buuuut! Yesterday my boss gave me a ride home jana and his car radio was tuned to HBR…it was a few minutes past seven and I was intrigued by the chick reading the bulletin (She really needs to front that voice to the BBC) surprise surprise the voice is DELA MBAYA!!

Anyway ‘The Jump off’ kicked in and Corrine has to be the BEST! Her energy is amazing, you know how you’re tired around that hour and the last thing you want to hear is an idiot on radio complaining about how tired they are! Some people never get it, you’re supposed to be an entertainer and Corrine gets this…with R Kelly’s I’m a flirt playing in the background! She sets the mood straight…the show on Thursdays is called ‘Dirty Thursday’ and the selection is brilliant.

BIG UP CORRINE! Tune in everyone



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