Paging Pete Sinclair!

If you don’t know who Pete Sinclair is, he’s Radio Africa’s Group Programme Controller. He’s from Australia, and when he joined Radio Africa last year his first directive was that Links on Kiss Fm between 10 and 2 PM be no longer than 40 seconds!! He’s a pro in radio (managing that is, but on air he’s as interesting a wet sponge) and has asked DJ’s to fucking shut up if they have nothing of interest to say on air.

Now I need him to walk over to Metro FM and teach them how radio works, as you know by now I havent bought another MP3 player, but I have like a gig of music on my phone. But, jana in my haste to leave the office (I was taking mats) I left my earphones at work. The mat Sally and I got into was blazing Metro, the DJ’s on that show are pathetic. Wha!!!! One link was over 6 minutes long!! And like half of it they were mocking a singer’s style of singing ‘ati anaimba nikama ana die’ WTF?? That show iko down!!!! And there are three dudes on that show! It’s a mess!

Pete work your magic there pleaseeee!


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  1. Hey buddy,different Radio stations got different Policies n the nature of the show will determine the length of the Link…lemme break it down..a show like the one you talkin about is the 2nd biggest evenin show after Capital’s Hits not Homework that’s accordin to september’s steadman Report…coz it’s highly interractive than most of the shows at that time n it’s the reason the links are never endin…though steadman is vulnerable to manipulation but it’s the big boyz who can easily do that not Metro Fm.*JUST A THOUGHT*

  2. Posted by Hugh Jorgan on March 2, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Peter Sinclair is just trying to get out of his “the 1980’s way still works now” philosphy. He’s soon revert to his old 2 songs then waffle for 60 seconds methodology. Not the most creative radio brain around I’m afraid.

  3. Why do you think tha ma3 was metro instead of your fuck the station you reckoned is styled up?…. Big up yourself Iamsurerogers!!!!

  4. Posted by jumper on March 23, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Let me tell you a long link has no content you have to keep your link short and to the point , the metro you were listening too just has no content i mean 3 dudes and a 6 min link ,,,,,,, yes it is highly rated but who listen the mat driver want a smoke or two of the real herb… not to be on the nasty side but capital plays some great reggae on Monday evenings and no one is complain its how the music is served metro is the plain old food kiosk while capital serves you the juicy meat and a variety of side dishes…. i just think the whole of KBC needs an over haul and i know there are young talent guys out there who can do better than the old staff that are there now……. so pete was just bring the real radio professional entertain to Kenyan market… who even knows if KBC any of their stations has a Programs controller or a music data base that is well labeled…. 🙂

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