Nothing but love!

I’ve had a pretty action packed weekend (not!!) On Sato I was baby sitting the whole clan (from ages 3 to 16) as all the adults in my family were in Nakuru.  So I could only listen to the radio in between cooking and inboxing someone (Hello stranger) anyway on Sato morning I was listening to Tina on Capital Fm. The music selection was all so nice! Bur she clearly is not all that, when she was pitching Oriflame products, she acknowledged natural beauty is not her thing, she also did mention Capital’s groupie and the lady who copy pastes from Media Madness,

Mutheu. At the end of that link she was like Mutheu, this also applies to you and some random dude.


Oriflame cannot save that FACE!

Then I was listening to Rick Dees GOOD STUFF! Later on I was listening to the World Groove show! I had forgotten about that show, the music is simply outta this world (huh?) Then DJ CK and that other DJ were spinning some hoot house mixes 🙂

Sunday I was all over visiting peeps, but I did get to watch Janet Kanini anchor the 1pm news. In between munching nyam chom and drowning it with Sprite I overheard my uncle tell a guy to pass the Sunday Standard ‘ajipanguze mikono nayo ’cause haina kitu cha maana’ LOL!

Before I went home we were talking, and when Sebuleni came on we kept quiet for a while ’cause Carol Mandi’s guest was Troopi, a new entrant in the music bizness! Why was he there? Ati cause he was once addicted to porn! People will say anything for attention.

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