Nothing but LOVE!

Hey y’all this weekend has been kinda hectic – On sato I was working for like half the day then I had a long ass meeting in the afternoon…in between that censorship HIT this blog. You must have noticed by now, the post I did on Friday regarding KTN is no longer there. Sad stuff.

Moving on I missed the Kinanda Festival but James Murua calls it Kinyesha Festival hehe.

Jana I did get to listen to bits of Capital on my way to some kuyu function, Just A Band were on 🙂 then the radio was switched to Easy. I must say the guy in charge of the music ako DOWN!!! The repeated at least 5 tracks withing the two or so hours I was tuned in!! Shiet,  get more music bana.

On the Nation jana they had a story about the First lady gracing some stairs with her beauty. I’d pay good money to see that tape!!

Send in your submission for Bitch Fest Tuesday kesho. Email ’em or Facebook them to me

Have a brilliant week y’all.

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