BITCH Fest Tuesday!!

Where to start! Damn it EASY AND KISS FM!!! It’s 2009 – can y’all stop repeating songs. Easy is the worst of the two and if you listen to them they have a promo where listeners glorify how good it is to listen to Easy…one of them is a guy who says ‘bla bla bla stop logging onto my computer and reading my emails’ Dude, whoever you are I stamp thee FAKER of the year! Your accent/voice is dreadful!

Moving on…

I’m getting tired of Peninar and Mark Masai anchoring news every fucking day! The news is depressing as it is, then I get to watch these two act like clueless teens in between stories! NTV get us more faces!

Moving on…

Can NMG get a clue and bring back Ruth Lubembe on Daily Nation’s Wednesday pull-out,  Living Magazine…this is serious!! Why would you pull someone who has been bringing  joy to Kenyans on Wednesday

Moving on…

Yesterday,  chilling in my dad’s office waiting for a driver (Who I know loathe) the radio in the office was tuned to Country side FM formerly (Bahasha FM) it’s owned by some fugly MP dude anywaaay…for the whole hour PLUS! I was there,  the guy played only two songs…he was reading salaams and pitching stuff…what makes it worse was that he was interrupting his link with the most annoying jingle EVER! It sounded like those China phones!

Moving on…

When will the route 44 Kanges EVER realize I don’t live in  Githurai, to make matters worse they will even hold your HAND! Directing you to their mats Idiots!! Question: Just where is Huruma? I keep hearing kanges say ‘Huruma Ashu’ Kwani iko wapi??

Moving on…

Nick Odhiambo sucks! Jana he was sitting in for Maina JEEZ! That brother needs to stick to imitating accents

Moving on…

A reader notes ‘i’m fucking sick of the soap on citizen’ sina raha kwa hao!! – The show he’s talking about is ‘Storm Over Paradise’ I don’t like it either! My sisters make me watch it!

Moving on…

Sauti Sol’s Mwanzo was the very first (Legit) Kenyan Album I ever bought. That was in Dec last year. But maaaan I feel like they’re stretching themselves a little too far with all the concerts they’re doing and it’s the same tracks. And who the hell is designing their outfits these days! The arafat thing ain’t working for me. Sauti Sol (Gay boys, is what a prominent broadcaster calls them. To be fair to them, only one of them is gay, but it’s all good) I hear they now have a ‘politically charged’ song! WTF?? Nooo! I don’t want my ‘fun’ music to now include politics!

UPDATE!!!! This morning Ciku has made my morning – she emails and tells me ‘Asante for Bitchfest tuesday’ NOW for my bitch fit

‘Am a rock person but X fm need to eject that mix tape! There’s more to rock nkt!! Alafu Tina makes me fucking sick – I’m trying hard, aki na try to visualize Pinky and Italia as the hosts of the fuse again ’cause Tina, is a pile of boredom! And since it’s seems you didn’t listen to X Fm on Sunday let me tell you brotha! That guy in the morning needs to shut up and let the music play and where was RUHILA?? I was hoping for some goss 😦 ‘

Moving on…

Sonu please please (you by now know where this is going)

Moving on…

Shaq! ON HOT 96 I talked about him weeks back – seems am not the only one who doesn’t like him that much JJ tells me ‘Jana I was listening to HOT 96 jioni – can that guy stop with the Jamaican accents!!


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  1. Posted by Godfrey on December 15, 2009 at 6:31 am

    Yenyewe Nick yuko down. Where does Classic 105 get its presenters? If Maina Kageni was to leave the station today, Classic wouldn’t have much of a future.

    Ed Note Come to think of it our radio stations ONLY have ONE HOT host…and the rest are crappy. If Maina left Classic people would switch off, Only Kiss and Capital have two star hosts. Kalekye and Caroline, Cess and Eve!

  2. Posted by Actuarial outlook on December 15, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Kamuiru,this should be declared Africa’s hottest blog (that should have been done in November) lakini with Bitch Fest Tuesday,you move things 2 notches higher. Tell it like it is.

    Ed Note – Thanks!

  3. one of Sauti Sol member is gay?…okay mayb it’s the reason they are a sell out,washed out group….thank God I never liked them.

    Ed Note Yep one of them is openly gay!

  4. Posted by Godfrey on December 16, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Apparently, Sauti Sol’s new song is getting some people nervous. I found this post on the net:

    Ed note sad stuff

  5. Posted by vicy on December 17, 2009 at 8:24 am

    Hahaha! Bitch Fest Tuesday is the bomb…u should start another themed day…like Monday or something…at least it will make me look forward to going to the office on Mondays.

    Good stuff man. By the way i would really like to know about the new presenters…so start doing your homework my guy. gday

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