Bitch Fest Tuesday!!!!

Now a reader notes ‘Why is it now Eve realizes what you’re doing is wrong after you cast her in bad light? Where was she when you were talking about how hot she is and her hot ride?? –

Moving on…ACCENTS! You know, they’re people who actually have genuine American accents cause they’ve been brought up around people with such accents! But some of our presenters especially TV ones, they usually pick up accents the minute they enter the studio – it’s WRONG!! And if you’re the kind that pronounces the L in COULD. GET A LIFE!

Moving on…

A MM reader emails her rants and says…

I hate local telly! They are 4 years behind in every show! I watched the currently running Last Comic Standing (NTV) two years ago, ANTM (KTN) 3 years ago and many more. I know you guys need clearing but I also know you can get clearance a little sooner
e.g a season back. Or just don’t, I don’t watch you anyway.

Movin on…

Man, the Kenyan traffic is gonna kill me I swear! This one time I was stuck on the Nyayo stadium roundabout for almost two hours! I alighted the mat I was in and got a bodaboda ride to town. Thank God I wasn’t driving that day otherwise I would have parked there and headed straight to the bar!

Moving on…

I have another yeast infection! Yeah, I know you just threw up in your mouth a little- you’re welcome. What was I saying… Oh, I have another yeast infection. Happens almost every time I go swimming! You know, hot humid issues.

Moving on…

Everyone goes to the Coast at this time of the year. I wanna party here! Come back!!

Hehehe thanks you MM reader for those rants – U gat issues

Finally Peninar Karibe needs to tells us where MEU forest is!


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  1. the rant on TV shows is understandable it’s good the reader knows the reason why..Big up for that. the thing is ,not all the shows can be cleared that first more so the reality shows coz there are a number of logistics that comes with it…My friend and I wanted to do some boxing classics( from Ali’s time to today’s boxing) but that clearance sh*t got the better of us..despite the sellers willingness to sell the show,there are so many f**cked up stuffs that comes with it so we just gotta chill co-sign with the Telly stations …

  2. and on the accent issue,I once attended a workshop where Caro Mutoko was a guest speaker…lol..she stressed that for you to work for her (Radio Africa) you gotta speak in either the American english or the queens english no two ways about it…she even gave an example with ‘November’ both in american accent and the queens accent/british accent…LMAO!!! I was shooked but then again you listen to radio Afica’s presenters the likes of Shaffie,Kalyeke,Maina,Churchill etc they are doing quite great without those funny blame it on the employers for that accent sh*t..coz you either a comedia/clown or speak in america/british accents during voice tests…and the accent issue is not only in Kenya,in the UK.. BBC 1xtra’s Tim Westwood is not so popular amongst the whites coz they say He’s white from a well to do family who’s adopted the Caribbean accent and they hate him for that…or is it the reason I like him so much?

    Ed Note WHAT THE HELL?? Ati she stressed what?? I also know about the ‘November’ pronunciation – my teacher used to use it a lot in teaching us British accents

    • Posted by IMHO on December 22, 2009 at 1:42 pm

      So how do you pronounce this November? LOL!
      I had British teachers, and I don’t remember them doing this test.

      ed Note She wasn’t British – she was just educated there – she’s kept saying ‘Nowember’ and demonizing us for our ‘bad english’ one time a student was like are you sure you went to England? Or India. Lol!!

  3. Posted by Godfrey on December 22, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Sorry about the infection! I wonder what’s with our FM stations and having white guys (or guys with white-sounding voices) doing ads and promos. I read somewhere that the same guy in London actually does voices for several FM stations in Nairobi. If its true, that’s reeeaaaally sad. Have the stations done a survey and found out whether we, the audience, really need this type of thing?

    Ed Note About the Yeast infection… a media madness reader has it not me. Actually it’s not one person. But they all sound the same innit? The most famous voice we have is Dave Kelly who voices the drops and promos from Classic 105. He also does promo’s for CNN International, he’s also a radio DJ in London.

    And the other voice doing the rounds is Greg, the guy who does promos for NTV, he lives in Australia.

    Makes me wonder if the voice talents we have in the country are soooooo bad – Kenyans wouldn’t understand what they were saying

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