I’m overwhelmed by the numbers saying Cess needs to be on CITM…the emails – I even suspect some are from Capiro. Anyway it’s the season to be jolly or silly. So let me do something nice for once. So join this group here and air your sentiments. Online activism hehe


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  1. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaetano should pack and go back to Uganda…that guy is pretty boring..Our CESS to do the Breakfast on the SOLO……that’s our darling there mad talent.

  2. Posted by nkirdizzle on December 22, 2009 at 10:23 am

    Finding this blog has like made my day!!!! Its the shit and the urine!!!! Continue exposing!!!
    Gaetano is so God damn boring!!!! He has a sexy voice but thats just about it. He is overhyped for nothing!! Him and Rae just talk too much, I wanna hear some music!!!! The Fuse isnt so bad, but they just play the same old songs kina 21 guns, I really really dont like you etc, the show only rocks when DJ Protege is on the decks.
    Cess is kinda cool, Charles is boring though, I think she clicks better with Maq, I do not miss Hakeem though, he had the worst weng ever!!! But she seems like a dominating person so I think she would suite being a solo act.

  3. Posted by Mentalslavery on December 22, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Gaetano and Cess would be a GREAT breskfast duo..he’d be the yin to her yang!

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