The Shadiness AWARDS! 2009

Here’s the list

1. A certain radio this year had really good sales buuuut they managed to fool us ALL! According to a person who works in their production department the producers, presenters and the sales people decided to award ‘fake’ listeners and pocket the rewards. Especially for competitions that required participation via text messages. The presenter would go like ‘Pius, your number ends in 123’ you win 1,000 bob but WAPI! Those bastards went gaga when some clients offered mobile phones and several laptops as part of a promo; they never gave their listeners the laptops. So shady!

2. In between taking pics of his Mohawk and giving head, Tyra Murathe was telling pals he was joining Capital Fm’s the Fuse. Capiro shat on that story sooo fast! One exec was overheard asking who this Tyra was hehehe. Sir, his name is Taylor but we call him Tyra, cause we all know he LOVES it that way.

3. KTN introducing some faggotry in the form of some robot! Please dress that thing!

4. Not forgetting NTV’s ribbon thingi and the fact that they scrapped Waweru from the anchor line-up and keeping Wobert Nagiller PLUS! NTV this year fired very good people, Jackie Mogere, Basset, Evelyn and so many talented editors. Also the top dogs or cats (insert joke here) at NTV decided to scrap Smirti from the Prime time news line-up ati cause Kenyans wouldn’t identify with an Indian. As if we identify with Peninar

5. Some weeks back, I was at the Sarova Stanley in the afternoon, after I was done with what I was there for, the bill came. The bill included a 210 shillings tip I had not approved of!! You know if they’d asked it would have been fine, but they didn’t. Plus the waiter was not all that to deserve 210 shillings for wishing me a ‘Gulla Afternoon’

6. Of course I cannot leave out my BFF Rae; this year saw her go from Mid-morning to Breakfast. She didn’t disappoint when it came to saying shady things. From saying Maina Kageni sucks, to bullying other DJ’s to most recently yapping that she was going to replace Fareed ‘Hair’ Khimani on Studio 53. So shady. Plus she threw a fit in a certain meeting, well to be fair she threw her shoes off!! And a few tears

7. We can’t forget the walk out Capiro experienced and management did NOTHING to try to keep them. Nini, Fareed, Seanice and so many others.

8. Was it Toxic that spread her toxic ‘goods’ for Wyclef??

9. A reader says Caroline Mutoko’s Purse Carriers Jalango and Larry are just shady he says ‘I have been in a mat tuned into that station in the morning to say the least the best part of the show is when they say “we are about to leave…..” I agree!

Speaking of Jalango…going on National TV with an open fly is not funny! Plus he was sooo shady on that show! Goodness is there an off switch for stupid with this guy?

10. The Kisima and Groove awards…need I say more.

11. Of course who can forget the one person Ocampo should drag to the Hague for lip gloss abuse, Joey Muthengi. She redefined baaaad legs when she was the host of that mess KTN aired ‘We all know you can’t dance’

12. Speaking of KTN and messes, who can forget all the botched Exclusives! From Father Kizito to Car Track to Somali Pirates and NOW! The fight with KRA. I’m very very close to KRA and it hurts to see them go after Waweru like that.

13. A reader nominates Lillian Muli as the shadiest girl on TV. She quips ‘That hair, those nails, those mushaino shaino blouses! Kwani they don’t have stylists

14. My pal nominates Kalembe Ndile as the shadiest politician EVER!

15. Politics now, most of the gava officials are just plain shady! From stealing IDP money to the oil saga to the maize issues. Yaani kila week we have a new scandal.

16. Lillian nominates her shadiest personality; she says ‘Ma worst personalities, Bernard ‘dome’ or sthin in citizen! he is so fake’

17. X Fm going off air for over 8 hours was just sad – it’s 2009! Get new machines dammit! Also the fact that they used to play some tight stuff last year when we only knew them as 105.5 now they have a mild case of ‘Kiss 100’

18. Homoboyz Radio makes the list for being shady as hell! They treat their DJ’s like crap. Plus we can’t forget the go-slow they experienced earlier this year when presenters wanted more money. Word is some get as little as 30k! Speaking of money, HBR will from January be leaner as they’ve sent home quite a sizeable workforce and another shady thing they did. Letting go Ciru the ‘After Party Live’ presenter. This is WRONG; when the girl did radical Rock a few times I actually loved it!


19. Speaking of HBR, as you all know they bought ‘Haha’ water. If you go grab the one litre H20 mineral water. There’s a typo there that would put Courtney Love to shame. It says ‘Treated with ultra violet ‘Reys’

20. CK makes the list for misbehaving at the Hillary Clinton party in carni. But the staircase taught him a lesson…he missed several steps and tumbled all the way down. At 65+ am surprised he didn’t break anything.


22. How can we forget Eric Omondi’s disaster! The boy thought he’d be better than Churchill but wapi! And his cross dressing eeeer raised a few eyebrows!

23. This year saw Janet Mbugua leave KTN for an SA based media house. So shady. KTN should have done better to try and keep her

24. The pink dresses bride maids wore at Lillian Muli’s wedding.

25. Ahhh Ngangalito!

26. TPF, from the badly scripted fight between Ian and daktari wa kuku Mitch, to the love affair between Christian and Illumihaga. Of course Illumihaga almost bringing the house DOWN! When she graced the floor. But honestly TPF kinda sucked this season and Alpha is just a mess waiting to happen

27. Several media personalities agree the shadiest thing this year was me starting this blog hehehe

28. Anita says ‘On my shady list, burn NTV for the most wasted 30 minutes of our lives! Love-in-60 seconds was the crappiest idea ever invented on telly.We should sue them!

29. Ruth Lubembe stopped penning me and mine Living magazine, the Nation’s Wednesday pull-out.

30. Aaaaaaaaaand finally the shadiest moment for me this year, was Caroline Mutoko reply to bloggers claims that Marcus and Nick were spreading hate by asking people to slap gay people. In the email she sent me, she mentioned several gay people (most who people don’t know are gay) I summoned my good side and deleted those names. Aih

31. Another Shady Moment – Eve flipped back her hair and typed a loooooong statement to me when I pointed the ONE wrong thing she did. Yaani after all the ‘wendo’ I have her she tore me o pieces – so shady

I was kinda overwhelmed by the response I got, I THANK you all from the bottom of my heart.  Honestly I’ll take the break I have to go over them and will be posting your other shady moments as comments by the end of the year.



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  1. Posted by ThaDayo on December 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Wah you have killed it especially about Tyra..and what meeting is this that Rae threw her shoes off???
    and about NTV they need to change…

    Im outta words..good job

    And whats with the Joey Muthengi Hate?LOL

    Ed Note In a meeting on how to improve the show. Clearly the changes were tooo much for her she broke down. C’mon Joey needs to go easy on the lip gloss

  2. Posted by ThaDayo on December 23, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Eve can go to hell for all we care…let her go and do those kiddy shows sijui za omo…she thrives best with children!!! Huku si kwa CK!!!!

  3. Posted by Anonymous on December 23, 2009 at 9:43 am


  4. Posted by Yeye on December 23, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Mike tweets to @mediamadnessk

    ‘Should have also included our celebs who take like 10yrs to chuck an album and once its done nothing to promote it’

  5. Posted by Godfrey on December 23, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Yenyewe that KTN robot is shady. They copied the Barclay Card ad from them days and they haven’t come up with anything new. NTV is also shady for using flimsy excuses for firing people, its just too insensitive. But then, sensitivity is not exactly a hallmark of Nation Media Group top management, is it?

  6. Posted by Kevo on December 23, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Where did you leave out the KBC Disasters? Otherwise, stinging indictment. You should make this monthly. Good job and happy holidays.

  7. Posted by Andrew on December 23, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    KTN Keep up the fantastic job of “mulikaing” wezi’s in KRA. Who cares that your “very very close to KRA & going after Waweru like that”???… As for you pains, cry a river, build a bridge & get over it!!!

  8. Posted by petty on December 24, 2009 at 5:35 am

    interesting to not that all the shadyness is from Nairobi

  9. Posted by Anonymous on December 24, 2009 at 12:04 pm


  10. Posted by Bobz on December 30, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Enyewe ‘love in 60 seconds’ killed some of my brain cells the one episode I suffered through…at least double O had the decency to go back into hiding afterwards!! Big fat #FAIL !!!!
    i dont agree with one thing though-this blog is my number 1 🙂 no shadiness here!!!! Happy holidays yeye 🙂

  11. Posted by jamo on January 2, 2010 at 4:26 am

    Now, i think we know who the “Best Mix of Fake Bolder and More Provocative” prizes is….(and we also know who the person in research and production is…)

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