Am told that some people have a problem with us moderating comments, a guy who helps on the blog is having this discussion on the matter with a blogger. Let me make it clear, the reason comments are moderated on this blog is cause we like to keep a tab on the discussion, not steer it. Some comments left on stories ADD no value whatsoever to the discussion and so we delete them. Here are some figures – so far the blog has 744 approved comments, and we’ve trashed  1,461 minus 463 spam comments. Do the math.

Also Media Madness is NOW being accused of not verifying stories – specifically the Vanaina story. Listen,  we got detailed emails about the story on Sunday last week/year. We took 3 days of phone calls, emails, chats over chai and Facebooking to confirm the story. But when we first did the story, it was about Valerie being pregnant. Then emails started flowing, guys were calling us cowards for hiding who the daddy was…the next morning other blogs BROKE the story. And we decided to just come out with it, now some ‘fans’ are calling us home wreckers! If the story is false,  would a media house like Capital, known for their strict editorial policies run with the story? REAL TALK

Now, some people are saying we’re invading privacy waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiit! They’re public figures, they’ve splashed their wedding pictures on magazines. If we only report about the good things they do, aren’t we hypocrites? Like Eve De’ Souza said when you’re viewed in society with such high esteem – and then you do these kind of things, we must talk talk talk.

If this incident involved Shaffie, I probably would not have even reported it, cause we all know Shaffie doesn’t hide the fact he’s bad ass!!


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  1. Posted by nani on January 6, 2010 at 8:32 am

    The fact that none of these two parties is denying the story even after it has broken and published in blogs also says a lot doesn’t it?
    and where was all this home breaking protest when we were salivating over the details of Tiger Woods affairs?. Does it mean that we can sengenya other celebs but not ours?
    Let’s not be hypocrites.

  2. Posted by mimi on January 6, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Pius dear…

    Are you getting paid to do this blog…No (i hope not)

    So you really owe no one any apologies. Verification of stories is good for your own personal standards and it helps put your story high above others, but you are really not obligated to anyone to prove them. Maybe just to cover your ass from a lawsuit..hehe..Have you watched a series called Dirt??

    My point? Bring the stories. As your readers we are thoroughly enjoying the humiliation of the so called ‘celebs’ who act as if they own this city or something.

    Big up!!

    Ed Note

  3. Lmao!! How you takin fools to class..sadly enuff most of those being taken to class are Journalists who actually went to school n were taught what a news story is n how to go about it, I trust they were also taught the pros n cons of different forms of media. Interestingly enuff even Registered Tvs n Radios are gettin news from blogs and other online sources. So these people should sh*t the f*ck up n worry more on the dramas…You do what’s suppose to be done n btw I haven’t heard anyone talk sh*t about Pulse. Aha,i’m f*ckin lovin this internet era it’s full of transparency n y’al gotta be dope no fakes n posers anymore. Thanx to NASA,Al Gore n the rest of the team that brought about the internet..PEACE!!

  4. Posted by Anon on January 6, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Al Gore was part of the team that brought about the internet? Mr Burns, from which planet did you just fall?

    Look over here for your answer.

    And if the internet is so cool and free, why moderate comments to start with?

    Ed Note Re- Read the Article

  5. Al Gore was part of the team that brought about the internet? Mr Burns, from which planet did you just fall?<<<<<Yo nobody has patent to internet..several people/organizations came up with different applications that made it happen. so when I mentioned Al Gore and you bringing up a political article as if He contributed nothing,then I'mma call you ungrateful son of b*tch..get your books right yo…..
    check this too if you soo political like that..

  6. Posted by luthercrop on January 6, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    woiiiiii pple will eva talkk ,so Pius ebu do wht u can do best
    i mean atleast for once i personally can sit down and enjoy being who i am coz i once can sit and enjoy NEWS! whch r true and dont fava anyone.
    pple should focus this site as a kinda of rehabilitation center where u can correct ur mistakes and do not repeat such staff again.but the problem pple think all this is gossip???????
    ma broda now i have a saying i eva wanted to prove tht
    “power is influence of A over B despit of B’s resistance”

    u r the A and u got power use it coz it come in rare packages

  7. Posted by Anita on January 6, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    People shush abt Algore n the internet, u loosing forcus. The main thing is to thank god or whatever for people who knw How to use the internet; mainly Pius-amma-make-him-ma-hubby- Kamuiru!!! Thanx to him, he-goats like Eric can now be SLAIN (sorry animal activits). He broke the news to us and that is what media is for. Social ethics in tune here- this ‘celebs’ are rolemodels to some kiddos somewhere, we must make the kids realize that somethings like, u knw, tripping and falling on a married man’s goodwill ambassador d**k is not acceptable.
    Not even for the sake of goodwill, yes kids, not even for that! Respect to Pius-booked-as-my-hubby Kamuiru for being a good journalist
    and researching on his stories. Appreciate dont hate. Keep doing what u do Pius, the rest can eat dirt for all i care.

  8. Posted by Its me on January 11, 2010 at 11:45 am

    I’m all cool with your blog. Keep doing what u do. U say what most people fear to say. Pulse just does the same thing only u do it on high level of paparazzi style. Haters are there to keep u stronger…so keep being in tune with your star player.

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